Practice Makes Everything


I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by music. I’ve been playing and writing music for the majority of my years. I’ve toured with a band, played on my own, made connections with local musicians and through it all there is one underlying idea that has permeated my career: practice. What do you picture whenContinue Reading

Your Very Own Box


I love stand up comedy. I think there’s a lot to learn from people like Marc Maron, Stewart Francis, Jerry Seinfeld (of course) and Jen Kirkman. There’s also a really funny stand-up comedian named Demetri Martin. You may or may not know him. He’s famous, mostly, for using chart paper to get his jokes across.Continue Reading

Writer’s Block

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If we’re going to sit here and chat about music, writing and the creative process as a whole, at some point we’re going to end up on the topic of writer’s block. But before we get on to how, when, where and why I get writer’s block, let’s talk a little bit about how IContinue Reading