I am pleased to offer guitar lessons in a pleasant and casual setting, covering many aspects of the instrument for beginner and intermediate guitarists. Also, I am available to come to your home to give lessons if you wish. If you are in the Halifax area and would like to book a lesson in person, or would like to arrange a long distance lesson via Skype, or simply want more information, please contact me


We have the pleasure of having Jeff coming to our home to teach our son Max guitar. Max started his lessons one year ago when he was 7 years old and Jeff is an excellent teacher. He fosters a love for music and created a customized learning program. By offering music Max likes, Jeff is able to keep Max engaged and having fun! 

“Jeff is extremely patient and breaks down the music to simplify things. He even made some videos with Max to help him practice. Our son always looks forward to Jeff’s visits and I would highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone learning guitar.” – Chris Burton

“After doing some looking using various means, we found Jeff through a Kijiji Ad online. He taught our daughter guitar for nearly 2 years. In that time, not only did she learn a great deal, she was exposed to a teacher of the highest caliber, and always had very positive things to say about her lessons and instructor. Jeff was always timely, professional and friendly and would be a great teacher for kids and adults alike.